The idea

Having worked for the last 10+ years in the Online Marketing world, we saw people struggling and people making it.

Then, one day, a Community Manager, tired of replying "Thank you for your message, your opinion is very important to us", asked us: "Should I maybe turn to SEO?". To which we replied: "Well, it depends, are you an introvert, or are you an extrovert?"


And that’s when it hit us: can you become a top-rated marketing professional if you hate Excel and Google Analytics? Can you be a great community manager if you are an introvert? Does wanting people to like you increase or decrease the likelihood of being a great Online Project Manager?

What to do?

So we started to research how one’s personality affects one’s potential of becoming a great performer in a domain. Turns out, it does, and the psychology world has known this for decades: people with certain types of personality perform better in certain fields.

But what about a niche of a niche? Like Community Manager, which is a subdomain of Online Marketing, which is a subdomain of Marketing?

Nobody seemed to know enough about both psychology and marketing, in order to say exactly how this works.

So we went and found out for ourselves.

After intense research, we came to the highly respected Five Factor model, which boils down human personality traits to five broad dimensions, regardless of language or culture. Being the basis of most modern personality research and having the widest acceptance and use, convinced us to have it as a foundation for what we had decided to build.

I become PRO

We teamed up with other marketing professionals, career counsellors, HR professionals, and psychometric test developers and we built a complex tool by putting together huge amounts of information:


How do career counsellors coach their clients towards certain directions?


How do HR professionals fill certain marketing positions and what do they look for in candidates?


What is the most reliable and respected personality test and how can we use it to build this tool?


What are the different fields of Online Marketing and what levels of different personality traits do you need in order to become a top-rated professional?

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What does show me?

It measures your personality and the percentage of the different traits that you have and then matches the results with the percentage of specific traits that you need to perform highly in a field of Online Marketing.

Example. Let’s say you are 40% extrovert, but you need to be 60% in order to thrive as a Community Manager. Your Community Manager indicator will not be active. But since you only need to be 20% extrovert, among others, in order to thrive as a SEO Specialist, this indicator might be active for you.

It also gives you a map with all the online marketing specializations, an overview of how a typical work day looks like for each specialization and useful informations on how to use this data to make smarter career decisions that fit your personality!

Frequently Asked Question:
So if I am 60% extrovert, does this mean I can't work as a SEO Specialist?

You can, but you’ll most likely dread some of your activities. Those that imply you, sitting alone in your cubicle, for 8 hours, looking at Google Analytics. You’ll probably spend more time by the water-cooler, to satisfy your need to be around people. Which, basically, means no Best SEO Specialist in Town award for you. But, guess what, there are at least 5 other online skills that extroverts can excel at!

"I wanted to change my career but didn’t know where to start. helped me a lot, I recommend it to anyone!"

Karl Meyer, Germany

"I didn't think to seriously pursue my passion for Online Marketing until I got the results from the test on Seeing how well it fits my personality I decided to give it a try, which turned out to be a winning opportunity."

Ellis Taylor, UK

"I thought I was stuck because I wasn't good enough for my marketing job. Turns out, I just missed the interaction within a large team."

Cristina Carbajal, Spain